July Here We Come – What Kind of Month Is July For The Markets?

Well, as part of my homework as a trader/investor, I took the time to gather 30 data points spanning the past 10 years across the 3 major market indexes and here’s what the past 10 years have yielded per index in July:

[Image: July%20Market%20Performance.png]

Now one could argue that this year is much different given the end of QE2 and the market “only” falling 6.87% from the May highs to the lowest low on June 16th…..but this data is MUCH better IMO than what we knew was coming for June on a historical basis as we discussed in the post “Just One Question (in that classic Clint Eastwood voice): “So, Are You Feeling Lucky??”:

[Image: 10%20Year%20June%20Market%20Returns.png]

2011 is 50% done and it’s a great time to look at your performance YTD. Are you happy with what you have done? If not, only you can be honest with yourself and ID what you’ve done to hurt your performance and what you DIDN’T do to help it.  For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you could become a member of the BIO Forum For Investors where you can interact with traders, investors and Bill Spetrino on a daily basis in real time.  The only thing stopping you from making that step in the right direction is the 6″ between your ears…..so act now and help yourself…..you’ll be glad you did :)!!!

Don’t forget that the Greek crisis is NOT solved….the voting and decisions made only provide Greece with funds so they can service their debt through July 31st I believe…..then what?  We do this all over again.

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