Dog Days of Summer – Snapshot of 10 Years of August Market Performance

Yep, the month of August has been on average, flat…..BUT with the budget ceiling debate coming to a close in the next week, the end of QE2 and positive earnings so far, it’s anyone’s guess as to what one can expect out of August 2011.

Here’s a snapshot of how the past 10 years have been in the month of August for the 3 major indexes:

[Image: 2011-07-31_1143.png]

As posted in the post “July Here We Come – What Kind of Month Is July For The Markets?, you can see how August compares to July and June:

Past 10 Years Market Index’s Performance for JULY on a historical basis:
[Image: July%20Market%20Performance.png]

In the “Just One Question (in that classic Clint Eastwood voice): “So, Are You Feeling Lucky??”” post, we observed that June has been a challenging month for the markets as you can see below:

Past 10 Years Market Index’s Performance for JUNE on a historical basis:
[Image: 10%20Year%20June%20Market%20Returns.png]

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