Trading & Investing Takes Discipline & Constant Attention If You Want To Be Successful

Some folks think that trading or investing is easy, well this week goes to show it’s not for the feint at heart.  Pay particular attention to what happened to this newbie at the end of this short video where the ETrade baby loses everything!!!!!:

If you’ve done your homework and employed sound money management, you can survive waterfall events like we’ve seen recently.  I personally had structure to my portfolio to withstand a downfall as deep as the 350dma which we talked about as being major support over the last 10 years.

We’ve also highlighted that Situation Awareness Is A Must for Traders or Investors.  Bottom line for now is that one must keep powder dry and do their best to manage headline risk.  It’s OK to sit on your hands.  Take advantage of any downtime you have to study what plays have held up well during this downdraft as those plays are likely leaders when the market rallies.  BIO Forum members discuss strategies and if you would like to participate in a dynamic forum built by traders/investors for traders/investors, Contact Us for subscription alternatives.

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