Tom Coburn book of government waste:why raising taxes is NOT the answer

9 trillion in savings  

If you had a son or daughter or friend who wasting MONEY at an alarming money and couldn’t even account for millions of dollars you gave them would you give them more because they were poor?

Instead you would want an accounting and a budget from where their money went and before giving them anymore funds you would probably want to have all the waste and unnecessary expenditures eliminated right?

The Pentagon has very little accountability when it comes to its books. Since first submitting financial accounts in 1991, the Pentagon “has been unable to account for trillions of dollars, well over almost $10 trillion by my own account,” says author Stephen Glain. Conspiracy theorists suggest this is CIA money being laundered through the Pentagon, a claim Glain has some sympathy for.

Senator Tom Coburn went through the government budget and uncovered some examples of budget expenditures you probably didn’t know about.

For example :

75 Million dollars to The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) spends $175 million every year to maintain hundreds of buildings it does not use, including a pink, octagonal monkey house in Dayton, Ohio.

Many of the buildings are in severe disrepair, but the VA does not have the funds to improve them.

Complex federal laws make it difficult for the agency to sell the buildings. So instead they sit unused, except for the vermin, birds, and insects that use them for shelter.

Teaching South African Men How to Wash Their Genitalia –
(Los Angeles, CA) $823,200

Ethanol Tax Credit: Burning a Hole in the Wallets of
Taxpayers…and Their Car Engines – $6 Billion

In the 1970s, Congress began providing federal assistance for the domestic production of ethanol. Since then, federal assistance has grown dramatically to include several significant tax incentives and other federal grant programs.

While born of good intentions, federal subsidies have had less than satisfactory results. Ethanol-blended fuel is nearly a third less efficient than gasoline (ethanol burns at 68 percent the energy content of gasoline), has contributed to the increased price of corn (as well as land, feed, and other input costs), and can cause engine damage.

The National Science Foundation awarded a $168,766 federal grant to Columbia University researchers to study the sexual behavior of wild blue monkeys by analyzing monkey feces in Africa

If you want to know more about how your taxpayer money is wasted go visit CLICK HERE

Or check out Senator Coburn’s back in Black which cuts 9 trillion from the Federal Budget.

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