Republican debate in Tampa a rating of each candidate

Each candidate will be given a brief synopsis of strengths and weaknesses

Jon Huntsman : Jon would be better in the Democratic primary . His strength is that he appears to be a centrist .His negatives are that Mormoms do not play well outside of Utah and Huntsman and his spray tan are not what Republican primary voters are looking for. Being part of the Obama adminstration is not a plus .His chance of winning is 175,000-1

Herman Cain: Only pure businessman in this race. Great fiscal ideas very simple plan .Best pure orator of the group,is a Washington outsider. could attract independents. disadvantages: no actual experience in government, not sure America wants to give a minority another chance after 2008, lacks the money and connections behind him, 75-1

Michele Bachmann: Advantages: fierce conservative , clear she is very knowledge about taxes and repealing Obama care : disadvantages: has no chance in a general election because independents run from her in droves, Like Cain being a minority in this election is a huge handicap. never won a statewide race and no executive experience Alienated people like O “Reilly with her inability to compromise on raising the debt ceiling under any circumstance and her opposition to bailing outbanks Despite the fact the Government has made about 70 billion on the bailout and preserved the financial system. her money will start drying up and her attacks on Romney and Perry will not get her a VP position. 40-1

Mitt Romney: Advanatges: intelligent ,created jobs, very presidential and ran a state,has great team and plenty of money which is the fuel of politics.disadavantages : mormon, flip flopped around a lot on many issues, is worth 250 million and is Ivy league educated. Lost 2 teddy Kennedy and John McCain who are not exactly bastions of competent pols Lack conviction in past positions but Romneycare is an albatross around his neck. Would be a great VP and without perry would have won this easy . 9-5

Rick Perry: advantages: used to be a Dem which is also a negative in the primary but helpful in general election, Great Hispanic base, Huge money backers. Has created jobs,grew up poor and has been in the air force and married his elementary sweetheart, Has the rock star factor that carried Obama to the Presidency. he was actual cotton farmer which plays well in rural areas.Won elections as Dem and repubs like reagan.Never has lost ANY election.: disadvantages: shoots from the hip, was friends with Al Gore, some don’t like how ‘religious” he is but none of the candidates would have sat in reverend Wright’s church.Would be a great VP if he loses and is the clear favorite 2-5.needs work on foreign policy

Ron Paul: advantages: patriot served in military, man of great conviction and little B.S .Most feverent supporters, understand s voters anti government feelings
Disadvantages: Been in congress for 20 years and what has he changed? never won statewide office, Making drugs legal and quoting Osama Bin Laden and his answer on health insurance last night removed what little chance he had to be president or win the primary.No big money donor will give this man ten cents after last night. 3000-1

Newt Gingrich: Smartest guy overall and probably has a place in the cabinet of any Republican presidential candidate. did balance the budget Disadvantages : No money, just hasn’t caught on and while he has passed up bachmann and Paul after last night, he is light years behind Romney and Perry and won’t cut them up in his quest to win.His past conduct to his 2 wives before wouldnt help if anyone cared about his chances which they do not. Never won statewide office 35-1

Rick Santorum : won in 1994 and 2000 in a state Pennsylvania which the repubs need to win in 2012.disadvanatges: Casey whipped him in 2006 and like Gingrich has been out awhile.But unlike Gingrich ,Santorum has came across like a whiner and neither romney nor Perry will pick him to be V.P.Like Pawlenty he is just not capable of getting more than 5% of the vote.Im not sure he wins senate race in 2012 in his own state. No money no charisma,no chance 250,000-1

Huntsman Paul and Santorum are not legitimate challengers and have huge negatives that will prevent them from having a chance

Cain and Gingrich could catch fire but only if the 3 ahead of them faltered tremendously

Bachmann is a true conservative but no clearly thinking peron believes she can beat Obama in a general election

Romney and Perry are both competent presidential guys who are an obvious contrast to Obama. Both IMO can defeat Obama. Perry just doesn’t have the handicap of Obamacare,beinga Mormon and being worth 250 million dollars and losing to a stiff like McCain. he is not strong with hispanics and rural America nor Christians like Perry is.However many “bluebloods” and moderates may not be comfortable with a Texan with swagger,and strong religious and strong conservative principles. Like my father a very astute political nalysts said “It’s Perry’s race to lose son”

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