Mark Hulbert rates Bill Spetrino’s Dividend Machine

Mark Hulbert has been writing and publishing The Hulbert Financial Digest for over 30 years, tracking the advice of over 180 newsletters since 1980.
In April 2002, the HFD became a service of; which is a Dow Jones owned property, since then, he has been a senior columnist for that Web site. Constructing hypothetical, model portfolios according to the advice contained in those advisories, the HFD has provided the first objective means with which to compare the worth of investment newsletters. It quickly became the standard source for comparative performance data and now has more than 30 years of research into the performance of financial newsletters. Mr. Hulbert is also a regular columnist for, has appeared on CNBC and FOX Business, and contributes columns for the Sunday edition of the New York Times business section and the Journal of the American Association of Individual Investors.

Being mentioned by Mr Hulbert’s HFD newsletter is an honor akin to a baseball player making the All Star team.

Of course the Dividend Machine conservative portfolio averaging over 20% annualized for 1 year and over 30 percent annual compounded since inception is noteworthy . Being recognized and documented by the top newsletter advisory service in the world separates you from the millions of pundits worldwide who try and peddle their various blogs and newsletters

It is a HONOR to have my newsletter produced by is one of the nation’s most read news websites. Nielsen Online said Newsmax was the most trafficked conservative website with approximately 4 million unique visitors monthly

What is amazing is my portfolio risk is VERY LO but my return is over 20% annualized which is extraordinary

Most returns for this risk level are barely over 5 percent and the Dividend Machine has done over 20% in the past year and over 31% annually compounded since its inception

Special thanks to Greg Brown,Aaron Dehoog,Michael Berg, Ken Lago ,Karen Sullivan ,Michael Carr and ALL the members of the Newsmax braintrust and of course Christopher Ruddy the CEO

If you want to sign up for this great newsletter for less than a cup of Starbucks every week, please do so by clicking the ad on the far right of the page

For less than 2 dollars per week you will receive 52 weekly reports and 12 monthly issues and access to all the ARCHIVES of the past issues

This is a great present for people of ALL ages. Grandparents buying for their grandchildren and Kids buying for the parents and grandparents.

Most grandparents with all due respect can not trust their children or school system to teach their grandchildren how to build a dividend machine. This newsletter is so easy to understand a 10 year old can read it and learn from it

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  1. Frank Perri says:

    Newsmax is a great publication, but; one has to wonder how much they care about the average person in America. I mean these news letters are about helping hard working average people in America and abroad. How could newsmax be so neglegent as to alow someone like Sean Hyman to pedal hisNews letter. Nobody can be right 100% of the time, but this guy is wrcng 200% of the time. I lost 80% of20 years of savings working in a factory due to Sean Hyman. And those investments were in his coservative portfolio. Shame on newsmax. But now I have The Dividend Machine and I have signed on for 5 yrs. I will be putting all my faith in Bill Spetrino. Sean Hyman with his ABC correction and his soon to come break out because we are stretched far from the 50 and 200 day moving average is a bunch of hog wash and he should be fired and not allowed to publish anything about investing. I am sure that I am not they only one who lost his shirt on this guy with his bible code load of u know what.

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