Bill Spetrino’s Exclusive Interview with Deneen Borelli, Author of “Blacklash: How Obama and the Left are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation”

What was your motivation for writing your book “Blacklash: How Obama and the Left are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation

Our country is at a crossroads and now is the time for all Americans to understand the dire consequences we face unless we restrain our Government Gone Wild.  We are saddled with massive debt, government spending remains out of control and President Obama’s policies have made our bad situation much worse.  Our country must reverse direction soon or nosedive into a cycle of dependency that is turning America into a welfare nation – a “government plantation.”

I wrote “Blacklash” to inform and inspire others to take action to defend our liberty from the massive growth of government.  I describe my evolution from ordinary citizen to conservative activist.  My story serves as an example to liberty-loving Americans that anyone can wake up from a political slumber and take an active role to promote liberty.

You have been verbally attacked by those who disagree with your conservative views.  You’ve been called a “token, traitor, sell-out,” and more appalling names. What do you think is the reason for these verbal attacks against you?

As a black female conservative, I’m often criticized simply because I’m an advocate for limited government, pro-growth economics and personal responsibility.  Liberal activists attack me in an attempt to intimidate and silence my voice from speaking about the failures of the progressive agenda and Obama’s failed policies.  The veracity of their attacks shows I threaten the left’s desire to control our lives.

I’m extremely fortunate to have numerous opportunities to communicate these principles through commentaries, radio interviews and as a contributor on the Fox News channel. With “Blacklash” I want to reach a broader audience, including blacks, to encourage those who believe in conservative principles to not be afraid to speak out against the growth of government which diminishes our liberties.

America is the land of opportunities.  Why are there so many challenges facing our country including high unemployment, soring energy prices and tepid economic growth?

President Barack Obama is responsible for the state of our lackluster economy.  He decided to advance his unpopular ObamaCare program instead of focusing on economic growth and job creation.  His war on fossil fuels is forcing energy prices higher and Obama’s aggressive support of a clean energy agenda wasted billions of taxpayer dollars.  Obama’s jobs panel advisory board includes his crony capitalist allies, some of which benefited from the economic stimulus plan and Department of Energy loans.

As the first black President has Obama improved race relations?

Unfortunately, Obama’s presidency has frozen racial tensions in this country when he should have thawed them.  Liberal politicians and activists as well as their media allies consistently use the race card to defend Obama from the massive unpopularity of his policies.  The race card is a divisive attempt to silence opposition from the policy debate.

Meanwhile, black leaders are not held accountable for failing to liberate black Americans from the chains of progressive polices that prevent upward mobility.

For instance, Charles Rangel, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, have enriched themselves at the expense of their constituents.

Tragically, taking a principled stand against Obama comes the fear of being called a racist. “Blacklash” gives everyone the courage and ammunition needed to stand up against destructive progressive tyrants.

Can you tell me some of the highlights from your book “Blacklash?”

In “Blacklash,” I describe:

How Obama’s failed economic policies are driving more Americans to the government plantation seeking unemployment benefits, food stamps, housing and energy assistance;

The conspiracy that’s driving Obama’s clean energy agenda and how it’s designed to enrich the President’s crony capitalist allies and progressive elites at the expense of hard working Americans.  I name names and outline the elite’s reliance on Obama’s command and control energy policy;

The goals of the Tea Party movement, which I am part of and defend from the harsh criticism hurled at its members;

Obama’s outrageous spending on the stimulus and ObamaCare and how these programs contribute to our mounting debt and loss of liberty;

The self-serving agendas of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Charles Rangel and the NAACP.

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