Wisconsin recall exit polling exit polls

Our first update today shows Scott Walker ahead at 54 -46

Turnout is much higher than expected so far. Both sides are very strongly divided.Even many Democrats who do not support walker personally do not believe he should be recalled

Republicans should not think of this as a referendum on Obama and his policies according to 2 or 3% who support Walker in this recall

Next update will be 330CST

Please scroll down and enjoy our latest nationwide polling

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The Milwaukee metro area, the largest in the state, is about 38 percent of
the statewide vote. The boots on the ground tell me that Barrett is not winning by the numbers he needs to be winning by

Again many voters are telling our sources this is NOT a referendum on Walker or Obama but they don’t like the idea of recall for no reason other than policy disputes

Many of you have told me in Kaukawna Beloit and Grand Marsh to be specific. told me that this a referedum on Barack Obama and his policies and that I was dead wrong to suggest otherwise.

Walker now leads 53.4 -46.6 in our latest update

There is NO way to do this 100% accurate

However after our final report we should be almost 100% sure

Given the data it is highly unlikely Tom Barrett will defeat Scott Walker

Still many Democrats who support President obama have made it clear to us that Walker should not be recalled

Be back at 515CST

Latest update has Walker head 53.19 -47.81 . About 1/3 of our sample size are union members or have one in their household.They have gone 66 -34 for Barrett which is much lower support for Barrett, Barrett needs to over 72 percent of those households if he wants to win

Its all about turnout

Both sides seem to have got their troops out

WE are going to try a 8 CST update

This is our last update and we see Scott Walker surviving this recall by 53.34 -46.66 margin

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  1. OKay007 says:

    Walker is going to win in a landslide… 🙂

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