Paul Ryan 10 reason why he is chosen as Mitt Romney’s VP

1)Paul Ryan a graduate of Miami Ohio University can help Mitt Romney on Barack Obama’s weakest issue the ECONOMY and the NATIONAL DEBT

2)Ryan is an avid fitness expert and leads a P90X fitness class

3) Ryan’s dad had a heart attack and died when he was 16 and he grew up fast

4 ) No person in Congress understands the line by line details of the budget like Ryan does

5) Ryan started his career as a speech writer for the great conservative Jack kemp

6) Ryan is an avid “Cheesehead” and will help you in rural part of MANY swingstates and many deficit hawks will love hearing him

7) Tea party members LOVE his focus on their main concerns making government smaller and the debt and deficit and reforming entitlements

8) First elected to Congress at age 28 and is considered one of the most BI partisan members

9) Great family man has 2 sons and a daughter and he married a tax attorney

0) Paul ryan is Catholic like VP Joe Biden and enjoys hunting and fishing and drives a pickup and is a self described “country boy”

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