Spetrino Polling 4 battleground states October 10

If Romney can win these 4 states he will be elected President

Florida and Ohio are must win states for Romney, and if he loses Virginia he will have to win Colorado and 2 other states or Pennsylvania

This data was taken AFTER the debate

In my home town state of Ohio Romney has pulled ahead after trailing last week:Romney 47.26 Obama 46.03 with 6.71 percent either 3rd party or undecided

Florida Romney has lead of 48.72 -46.29 with almost 5 percent undecided or 3rd party

In Virginia Romney has a slight lead of 48.94-48.08 with 2.98 either 3rd party or undecided

In Colorado Romney leads 48.77 47.36 with 3.87 supporting 3rd party or undecided

It is really about who gets their base out

According to Gallup

The Democrats base is young people under 29 ,unmarried women,athieists ,minorities , Jewish people and union members and government workers and those with a post graduate degrees (attorneys and teachers)

Republican base are Christians, those 50 and over, married people and white working class people not in unions

In less than 4 weeks we will see which group gets their base out

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