The Great American Dividend Machine – #5 On Amazon

Amazon’s #5 book on Stock Market Investing category:

The Great American Dividend Machine

Amazon’s #10 book on Budgeting & Money Management:

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2 Responses to The Great American Dividend Machine – #5 On Amazon

  1. Cat says:

    Cramer is the devil. Not to mention he is wrong on eierythvng! EVERYTHING! I started noticing he was wrong so much that I actually started to listen to him just to see what his predictions were compared to reality. I must say, if you listen to him you are truly a fool. I can flip a coin and be right 80% more of the time. Where did this loser get his credentials? Probably bangs realtors on the side as well….. Connie, oh Connie….. Where are you at?

  2. globalaff says:

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