“First time since I took control of my IRA that I have made money.  The forum discussions are great.” – G of Alabama, USA

Bill posts his trades in real time, he says what he does and does what he says. His money is on the line.”- MD of Albuquerque, NM, USA

Great group of people that have a lot of experience.  Good discussions.” – WS of Illinois, USA

“I know this is a new beginning for me and am excited to be here. Bill and his “Band of Merry Men & Women” are loaded with investing/trading experience and are willing to share their expertise with everyone.  From portfolio creation/maintenance, to trade ideas, to market overview they cover all in complete and honest manner.  I am still growing my wings here and am confident that this is the place to be.  Asked “What do you like best about B.I.O. Forum?” I confidently say… EVERYTHING” – KK of Pennsylvania, USA

The advantage to a BIO site is: there are more eyes on the market. market is not just a bunch of numbers moving randomly but people with different views of the market place.  It keeps an open mind to find new opportunity for investments.” – MH of Chicago, IL, USA

“The BIO Forum is FANTASTIC! Where else can you brainstorm with other investors and traders daily and get valuable investment information and strategies? I’ve learned more on the BIO Forum than with all other investment services COMBINED. This is for real…don’t miss out.” -TC, El Dorado Hills, CA, USA

“I knew I joined the right forum when I get such awesome answers for my questions. I bow to all of your wisdom.– JH, KL, Malaysia

“Bill is the real thing – honest, experienced, market-savvy, and successful.  He calls the shots exactly as he sees them and trades them himself.  His record of success is posted for all to see.  I have made very good money since I have started following his trades, methods, and advice.  His forum members are hand-picked and contribute to lively discussions about stocks, trades and the market in general.  An excellent and friendly site for advanced investors and traders, as well as for beginners.” – JC, Toronto, Canada

“What the BIO Forum offers me is a dedicated group of like minded individuals who are keen to increase their awareness of value investing and value based stock option strategies.  I realize that not everyone wants to buy and hold stocks, but the forum is able to separate the short term traders from the long term stock holders buy actively creating sub-categories that fit each niche.    I check the forum daily and consider it to be an invaluable resource for me to further enhance my skills. The fact that I have developed some friendships as well is a side benefit that was not planned for.” – SG, Chicago, IL, USA

“The BIO Forum is simply the best….it’s got diversity in the discussions that promote critical thinking.  I enjoy bringing info to the group as I get much in return.  The forum platform is dynamic, safe, moderated and members are friendly….best part – “Pre-testing” my trading ideas before I put a trade on…the feedback and info one gets when they choose to participate is amazing.” – GH of Connecticut, USA

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