What Is “B.I.O. Forum”

B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) Forum for Investors was established on February 28, 2010 when Bill and others decided to build a better mousetrap through creating a safe interactive trading and investment forum to facilitate the exchange of ideas and strategies.

Let’s answer the most obvious question.  If Bill has already achieved financial independence, why did he start and investment forum?

It’s simple.  A few people told him he couldn’t do it.  He has proven them wrong, the same as he has proven doubters and skeptics wrong all his life.  Those who have access to search engines can research Bill if they feel the need.

Bill’s bio and blog posts on Moneynews.com with Larry Kudlow and Chris Ruddy, among others, expanded Bill’s worldwide base of contacts considerably.  Unfortunately, this has caused a huge demand on his time and he have found it nearly impossible to notify all his associates individually about various investment opportunities.   The solution was to create the B.I.O. Forum For Investors as a way for Bill to interact with select clients, subscribers and peers on an interactive basis.

For less than $1.25 per day you will be able to take part in a forum with an interactive worldwide group of eclectic motivated investors who have been handpicked and screened by Bill.

It is really this simple….

This forum is unlike others for multiple reasons.  There is an emphasis on quality and professional exchanges.  Trade strategies are discussed from multiple perspectives without fear of personal attacks.  Most people are limited in time so the “B.I.O. Forum” allows Bill to share his thoughts, as well as you being able to share your thoughts and stock strategies.   Since Bill participates in the forum daily, so you will be able to ask him and others specific questions about individual stocks, options or commodity trading strategies.

Is it worth having access to our vast resources and worldwide group of investors and be able to interact with them AND Bill 24/7/365 for the bargain price of $1.25 per day?  You bet it is…




Many have asked Bill why he doesn’t charge $2,500 to $5,000 for the annual subscription like other newsletter authors or investment groups do, and his response is simple: “I want to deliver a high quality service to those who are managing their own investments at a minimum cost possible”


Do you really think you can hire someone for that little money, let alone a worldwide group?  Of course not…


You’ll also have access to our vast library of past posts and articles and comments.

Our goal is that you each come away with new ideas which will help you be a better investor or trader.  Please notice that we’re not hyping that Bill or other forum members will give you a constant stream of stock tips.  The BIO Forum isn’t a group of gamblers.  Many of the plays are safe high yield investments or trades and the membership consists of members with a variety of styles for investing or trading.  You can expect an enriching INTERACTIVE experience where you can participate in discussions that cover a wide range of investment interests.  Of course, you are not required to participate and can merely use this as source for your own investment decisions.

Who would be an ideal member for the B.I.O. Forum?…

1) Individual investors who have taken over actively self-managing their own portfolios and investments

2) Professional investors who realize that access to worldwide opinions at $1.25 per day is money well spent

3) Those who are trying to achieve financial independence and want to be involved in a educational interactive environment

4) Well intentioned folks who want to give their children and grandchildren a real life education to help them achieve financial independence

It’s really that simple, you either want to invest in a valuable resource like the B.I.O. Forum or you don’t

Each member will have a 60 day money back guarantee to see if this is something beneficial.

It all boils down to this….Being part of a worldwide group of investors and also to have access to our vast library of past articles, opinions and real-time trades should be very rewarding.  $1.25 daily is a small price to pay for any person who is serious about improving their financial literacy.


Many of our members have already achieved or are well on their way to financial independence.

They each consider the B.I.O. Forum a valuable tool in their investing and trading war chest.

See our Testimonials for what a few members have to say about what the “B.I.O. Forum for Investors” means to them.

Becoming a member requires 2 simple steps

1) Contact us with your request to join and include 20 words or less (if possible) telling Bill why you want to join and what you hope to accomplish. He will try to personally handle your subscription request within 24 hours of you expressing interest in joining our investment community. Please include what method of payment you prefer – they are outlined in step 2 below.

2) If your goals and what you desire from a forum like ours seems like a good match with what the BIO Forum provides its members, Bill will let you know and then you can decide whether to pay one of 3 ways:

a) $399 annually (that’s a $50 discount off monthly billing option)….or

b) You can pay only $89 dollars down and then be billed $30 dollars per month thereafter (mo. pmt. link)

c) Still not sure BIO Forum would be for you? For a limited time only, Bill will consider giving you a “30 Day test drive” for only $40….(let me know that’s something you would like when you send me your initial email). If you decide to stay with the BIO Forum, they he’ll even apply the $40 “Test Drive” as a credit to the subscription of your choice.

Thank you and best wishes.


Bill Spetrino